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While miter saws are similar to circular saws in a few distinct ways, they could not be any more different from a jigsaw. Jigsaws are primarily used for making complicated or intricate cuts in wood, which includes decorative cuts, or any other cut that can't be accomplished with more limited saws.A corded saw, whether you choose a jig saw or circular saw as your first power saws, will last for years, while the batteries of a cordless saw might give At some point I'll get a circular or miter saw, but the need hasn't arisen yet. I've done things with the jigsaw a circular saw could and many more it...Track saws may look similar to a circular saw you can buy for a fraction of the price, but that's where the common ground ends. Their blades retract into a shrouded guard until you thumb a release lever and pivot the motor assembly down to begin cutting. It enables these saws to either plunge into a...