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Drives table to indicate that the information in the rows applies to PowerFlex 523, PowerFlex 525, and PowerFlex 527 drives rather than just to the single drive previously indicated. 38 Updated Reactor and Damping Resistor or 1321-RWR row in the Motor Cable Length Restrictions Table Definitions table to include 1350V and 2150V column ... Chapter 10 - Using Wire Tables And Determining Conductor Sizes Chapter 11 - Conduction In Liquids And Gases Chapter 12 - Batteries And Other Sources Of Electricity Chapter 13 - Magnetic Induction Chapter 14 - Basic Trigonometry And Vectors Chapter 15 - Alternating Current Chapter 16 - Inductance In Ac Circuits Chapter 17 - Resistive-inductive ... The alternating current (AC) supplied to this winding, produces an alternating magnetic-field, and then induces that field into the rotor. The difference in the magnetic fields between the stator winding (stationary copper winding group within the motor) and the rotor winding (rotating shaft winding) is the biggest contributor to the initial ...